About R.P.’s

Something for Everyone

At a certain age, men move from dreaming up names for their rock band to dreaming up names for their bar. When founding owner George Dyer and his late partner James Vinson were looking to name what they hoped would become a classic, friendly, Irish neighborhood pub, they wanted a streak of the rebel in it.

Enter Randall Patrick McMurphy, embodied by Jack Nicholson in “One Flew Over the Cuckoos Next.” An Irish rebel with a heart of gold, choosing to live life to the fullest, loyal to friends, no matter how dreary the day has turned.

Fifteen years later, RP McMurphy’s is just that. Irish Bar, check. Friendly, check. The place to be all year-round, check. Heart of gold. Neighborhood favorite. Loyal. Still tips its hat to the rebel. Check, check, check and check.

Located in the quaint Cincinnati neighborhood of Oakley, bordering Hyde Park, Madisonville and Pleasant Ridge, and recently expanded to include an all-season’s patio with fire pits and plantings, RP McMurphy’s is as welcoming to its regulars as it is for newcomers.

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Whether it’s a great group of regulars, new faces coming to experience the Wednesday night Mug Club, group of friends getting together for Happy Hour, a great venue for a private party, or music lovers coming to check out our live acts; RP McMurphy’s has something for everyone.

“I’ve only been here once so far, but I loved just about everything about it — the live band was very good, the bartenders many and attentive, the drinks strong and reasonable priced, a huge outdoor area and beautiful inside decor. Not to mention a prime location in the Hyde Park and Oakley areas.”

Hannah P. – Yelp Review

With a wide host of beers on tap and by the bottle and a wide selection of mixed drinks, RP McMurphy’s bartenders will serve you right and make your traditional or crafty cocktail. Just don’t call them “mixologist.” It doesn’t suit a rebel, does it?

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In the Community:

A rebel with a heart of gold. We like that.

That’s why RP McMurphy’s remains involved in the community through the City of Cincinnati “Adopt a Block” Program, participating in the Oakley Community Council, and hosting Community Council Events, such as The Great American Cleanup event.   RP McMurphy’s also is committed to giving back and hosts numerous fundraisers for causes ranging from The National Cancer Society, Save the Animals Foundation, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and  helping out one of our locals in need.  What Cause taps your heart of gold?  If you have one and think RP’s might help you make a difference, tell us about it.